LoCo Ambassador Program

Help Us Build Your Local Business Community Through Peer Collaboration

How it Works

When you tell your business friends and connections about LoCo Think Tank and they join as a member – we will pay you!

Earn up to $1,199 per new member through the LoCo referral program!

Here’s a list of what you can earn when you refer a business owner/leader who becomes a new member based on chapter type:
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Builder Members

- 5 and fewer employees

- Developing processes and growing
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Thinker Members

- 5-25 employees

- Dedicated to growing to the next level
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Next Level Members

- 25+ employees

- More complex businesses, architect of the team
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Catalyst Members

- Key employee/leader of business

- Finding new ways to grow in business knowledge and in role
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Next Level Catalyst Members

- Key employee/leader of $5MM+ business

- Committed to business growth & networking
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How It Works:

  1. Share with us the details of a business friend or share LoCo with them and THEY LIST YOU as the referral source in their application.
  2. That person meets and gets approved by LoCo HQ  and a chapter facilitator
  3. That person visits a chapter meeting and is accepted to become a member
  4. You get cash through a direct deposit usually about 45 days after they join.

You choose how you'll share - in passing, ongoing posts on your social media, a button on your website –all options are open! 

There are no caps to the amount of people you can refer, leading to the number of folks who join as members, therefore, the money you can earn.

On each member application, we track who referred them, so we'll know to get in touch with you and award you money upon the start of their membership! 

I have someone in mind
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About LoCo Think Tank:

A Safe Place To Create Your Business Dreams

LoCo Think Tank brings together non-competitive business owners from different industries, to identify and explore solutions to business challenges.  Each chapter is professionally facilitated by a successful business veteran.

Our facilitators are driven by the purpose and impact of the role and focused on maximizing the experience of members. The facilitator manages communications leading up to and following each meeting, maintains order during the meetings, and meets one-on-one, or in small groups, with members in between chapter meetings. 

Our Kinds of Members. . .
  • Have a record of business growth
  • Value perspective & accountability from peer advisory
  • Business owner, decision authority, or key leader 
  • Have the time and financial means to participate 
  • Will work on their business, not only work in their business
  • May have employees (depending on chapter) and the ability to create sound financial reports
  • Are kind, of good reputation and character, and fun to be around
  • Have special talents, abilities, or experience sought by the group
Learn more about chapters
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Start Spreading The Word

As you talk about LoCo Think Tank in your in-person or digital conversations, send them to our website to learn more and apply (which is where they'll list your name).
Go to our page and share it
LoCo Think Tank, LLC BBB Business Review
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