Hallos Relational Intelligence

A tool we've incorporated to maximize diversity and understanding in our chapters and on our team

About Hallos Relational Intelligence

Companies across South America, Europe, and increasingly in the US are using the Hallos framework and TRIADS assessments to create better leaders, build stronger teams, and empower individual & organizational thriving.

Hallos Relational Intelligence was founded by Marco Antonio Camacho de Figueiredo, founding member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) in Brazil.

Hallos was born to stimulate new ways of understanding and dealing with diversity in relationships, for the formation of engaging leaders and collaborative teams, based on 3 essential points:
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Increase the self-awareness of leaders and team members
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Understand and include the diversity of talents in their individual expressions
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Transform the professional relationship into a collaborative and growth encounter

Overview in 5 Minutes

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How We Use It

We aim to maximize diversity and understanding in our chapters so we've incorporated the TRIADS assessment into our application process, AND we've incorporated special trainings and workshops at the chapter level to help our members achieve maximum collaborative efficiency!

Many of our facilitators have had extra training to help them ensure clear communication and build trusting relationships with our diverse membership.

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“We've worked with many dozens of leaders and teams using the Hallos framework and TRIADS methodology, and none have been more enjoyable to work with than the team at LoCo Think Tank. Curt exhibits a rare and intuitive understanding of the content, and we are excited to support LoCo Think Tank in helping their members build strong and diverse teams with great communication and collaboration."
Marco C. Figueiredo
Founder of Hallos Relational Intelligence

How It Works

Hallos developed a method that expands the Relational Intelligence of leaders and that promotes, in a simple way, a significant improvement in the relationships between leaders and their teams, as well as among the members of their teams, allowing the appreciation of the complementarity and the formation of high yield teams.

Relational Intelligence is the ability of the individuals to interact with different styles of people. It includes skills such as self-awareness, the ability to listen and empathize with the other, an understanding of the diversity of human styles and their different perspectives, and the ability to resonate with the other.
Infographic showing the relationships between Logical, Emotional, and Relational Intelligence
Chart showing the 5 TRIADS archetypes: Thinker, Achiever, Integrator, Social, and Organizer
What is TRIADS?

The 5 Types

TRIADS Assessment is a self-awareness instrument that will provide you with a new understanding of life and your relationships with individuals, groups, and organizations. TRIADS Method is based on the idea that every person has a purpose in life, a unique story, and a way of being. This test can help you to expand your awareness and to bring you a new perspective on who you are and how to act in the world.

The TRIADS methodology suggest that their are 5 essential archetypes that frame our perception and interactions in the world. Each of us has two essential types that contend with one another depending on our mood and state of being, and a third developed type that brings balance.


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Shelley Polansky

President/CEO at Better Business Bureau
"Thank you so much for facilitating the Hallos training with our team! I look forward to the ways we will be using this with our team and how we can help bring this to the business and nonprofit community. I so appreciate you sharing your wisdom and expertise with us!"
Circular photo of Brandon Avery

Brandon Avery

IMA Financial Group
"I've analyzed current employees and how best to position them. And on a more personal level, I've been able to identify ways out of the negative attributes of my dominant trait. I am predominantly "orange" which leads to impatience and bluntness - not very productive. If, I can remember in the midst of the impatience to move toward my positive aspects of my secondary (white) color, things get drastically better. If I can remember to be curious, I calm down and find way more balance. It helped further clarify some of the underlying work I did with DISC... this is a much cleaner and more usable system.

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TRIADS Assessment


Free for LoCo Members!
  • Complete the TRIADS assessment (20 mins) to receive a full report.
  • Report will reveal your essential and developed types.
  • Increase self-awareness and improve relational abilities with others
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Triads Assessment + 30 Minute Feedback


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  • Complete the TRIADS assessment (20 min) to receive a full report.
  • Dive deeper into your results with a Hallos-certified trainer. 
  • Increase self-awareness and improve relational abilities with others. 
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Leadership Team Workshop


Reports Included
  • For teams of up to 6 members
  • 2 Hour Interactive Workshop
  • 1 Hallos-certified Facilitator
  • Reveal and review assessment results as a team
  • Enhance collaboration and understanding
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Team Workshop


+ $50 per report
  • For teams of up to 12 members
  • 2.5 Hour Interactive Workshop
  • 1 Hallos-certified Facilitator
  • Reveal and review assessment results as a team
  • Enhance collaboration and understanding
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Large Team Workshop


+ $50 per report
  • For teams of up to 20 members
  • 3 Hour Interactive Workshop
  • 2 Hallos-certified Facilitators
  • Reveal and review assessment results as a team
  • Enhance collaboration and understanding
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