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Grow your business how you imagined! It's the inevitable outcome when up to 12 small business owners + 1 facilitator meet monthly to give each other perspective, accountability and encouragement to grow their business. :)

A Safe Place To Create Your Business Dreams

LoCo Think Tank brings together non-competitive business owners from different industries, to identify and explore solutions to business challenges. Each chapter is professionally facilitated by a successful business veteran.

Our facilitators are driven by the purpose and impact of the role and focused on maximizing the experience of members. The facilitator manages communications leading up to and following each meeting, maintains order during the meetings, and meets one-on-one, or in small groups, with members in between chapter meetings.
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Inside a Chapter

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+ successful past or present owner/operator
+ servant leader of the chapter
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Business Owners

+ diverse industries & personalities
+ similar challenges of scale
+ abundance mindset
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Monthly Meeting

+ half-day peer collaboration meetings
+ rotating member business presentations
+ topical expert speakers
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Check Ins

+ One-on-one meetings with facilitators and/or fellow members
Find out if LoCo is right for you

Types of Chapters:

We make sure we find the chapter that's the best fit for you!


✔ 5 or fewer employees
✔ Revenue less than $500,000
✔ Dedicated to growing
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✔ 5-25 employees
✔ Revenue between $500K - $5MM
✔ Commitment to solutions
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Next Level

✔ 25 or more employees
✔ Revenue over $5MM
✔Too big to be small
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✔ key employee/leader
✔ Reports directly to owner
✔ Committed to small business growth & networking
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Next Level Catalysts

✔ key employee/leader of $5MM+ business
✔ Reports directly to CEO/President
✔ Committed to business growth & networking
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Free Preview of a Chapter

Free Lunch & Think Event

Join us and experience a 2-hour free-to-attend version of a regular chapter meeting. Check out LoCo Think Tank with no commitment or obligation!

Lunch Provided. Space is limited!
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What to Expect After Reaching Out

Our 3 Thumbs Up Process

We have a set process for new members and it all comes down to the chapter.
We believe the chapter owns the chapter.

1. Connect with LoCo 
& Apply

See if membership is right for you. Together we'll select the right chapter type and facilitator.

2. Meet the Facilitator
& Visit the Chapter

Ensure your personality and perspective click with the facilitator and the chapter. 

3. Be Invited to Join
& Accept Invitation

Chapter members must unanimously vote to invite you to join - it's still your choice to accept or decline!

*Hallos Assessment

We aim to maximize diversity and understanding in our chapters. To support that effort, we utilize TRIADS assessments, developed by Hallos Relational Intelligence, a Brazilian leading-edge methodology. Companies across South America, Europe, and increasingly in the US are using Hallos TRIADS to create better leaders, build stronger teams, and empower individual & organizational thriving.
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Trusted by 100+ local business owners

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Find out if LoCo is right for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a LoCo Chapter right for me?
Most definitely, if you've ever felt like you:

Don't have the answers or solutions to your current business challenges?

Love talking about business?

Feel overwhelmed on where to start?

Like the insight from other business owners/leaders who have faced similar challenges?

Let critical tasks slide and feel stuck?

Feel alone with decision making?

Don't want a coach, rather a group of people to round out questions, ideas, and solutions?

Want the accountability of reporting back to someone to make sure ideas come to life
So this is like a networking group?
NO!! We are about business excellence, not networking. In fact, we actually require our members to clear it past the group before they do significant business with one another, to avoid generating a conflict of interest that could impact trust and transparency in the group.
So it's more like a Board of Directors?...will my group tell me what to do?
NO!! Well, yeah - it is a little more like a Board of Directors, but more precisely a board of advisors. Your decisions are your own, based on where you're trying to go (do you know for sure?!) We use the LoCollaborative Process and the power of peer perspective, accountability, and encouragement to help accelerate your journey and even sometimes to better define the destination!
I've learned a lot about running a business and building a team, but I still have some important things to learn more about - might I be a fit for a LoCo Think Tank Chapter?
YES!! This is exactly the type of person who finds a comfortable and durable place in a LoCo Think Tank chapter. We build intentionally diverse groups of people who don't have it all figured out, but we're stronger together and working our way from good to great as small business owners.
What's my return on investment for the cost of membership?
WE DON'T KNOW!! We're only now starting to gather the kind of intake information that will allow us to see over time how much impact we're making to the bottom lines and emotional health of our members. But we've got tons of stories of transformative change, and a very durable membership base, and our members consider their chapter meetings and one-on-ones to be the most important hours they spend working on their business every month. We know that.
This sounds awesome, when can I start?
It depends! We don't hold all the cards on membership choices. First, you apply and connect with a LoCo Think Tank representative, to discuss the experience and expectations of members, and what you'd bring to a chapter. Then, we introduce you as a vetted candidate to a facilitator in your area that we think might be a good fit. If they agree, they are empowered to invite you to the next chapter meeting, subject to no discovered conflicts among members. Once the chapter gets to know you a little better, it's their unanimous consent required to add new members. Every new member should richen the flavor of the sauce, so to speak, and sometimes we have to make awkward phone calls and look for a better-fitted chapter.
Is LoCo Think Tank a national franchise?
NO!! This is a Colorado-grown small business, founded in Fort Collins as a passion project in 2014. We've taken the best parts of peer advisory and service organizations and leveraged strong local partnerships to support and encourage small business excellence.

Find out if LoCo is right for you

Connect with us and see if LoCo Think Tank is right for you and your business.
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LoCo Think Tank, LLC BBB Business Review
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