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What to Expect After Reaching Out

Our 3 Thumbs Up Process

We have a set process for new members and it all comes down to the chapter.
We believe the chapter owns the chapter.

1. Connect with LoCo 
& Apply

See if membership is right for you. Together we'll select the right chapter type and facilitator.

2. Meet the Facilitator
& Visit the Chapter

Ensure your personality and perspective click with the facilitator and the chapter. 

3. Be Invited to Join
& Accept Invitation

Chapter members must unanimously vote to invite you to join - it's still your choice to accept or decline!

What if the chapter declines me?

Our philosophy is "The chapter owns the chapter."

There are different reasons why the chapter members may decline to extend an invitation to join.
Some common reasons are:
- Conflict of interest/personality
- Doesn't fit the chapter's culture
- Business needs to grow a bit more
- Doesn't share an abundance mindset

Doesn't mean you're not awesome!
You could revisit at a later time or consider visiting a different chapter if available.

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See if membership is right for you. Book a free 20 min Zoom.
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