LoCo Catalysts

Made For Key Employees

For businesses with <25 employees and less than $5MM revenue.

LoCo Catalysts’ chapters are designed to provide key leadership team members with an opportunity to gain the benefits of peer advisory and develop a holistic approach to the business. Members have significant responsibilities and may have an equity stake, but are not the final decision authority.

For key employees to gain professional skills faster in a collaborative group environment, resulting in enhanced business learning through different perspectives, diverse industries, and ongoing peer accountability.

For owners to invest in their highly driven, highly motivated employees.

The Structure of a Chapter

  • Monthly four-hour chapter meetings
  • Up to 12 members per chapter
  • 1 LoCo Facilitator  
  • Small group meetings between chapter meetings
  • Quarterly expert speakers
  • Opportunities to connect with other LoCo Think Tank members
Member attendance expected at 80% of meetings and members may be asked to resign if it falls below. New members are added if no conflict of interest and with the unanimous consent of existing members.
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Price: $299/month

No initiation fee and no long-term contract

full terms and expectations on application

How can I join?

We have a set process for new members and it all comes down to the chapter.
We believe the chapter owns the chapter

Connect with LoCo > Submit Application > Meet a Facilitator > Visit a Chapter > Get Accepted by The Group

I'm Interested in Joining

Are You a Catalyst Candidate?

If 7 out of 10 apply to you, you qualify to apply for a Catalyst Chapter!
  • Report directly to the Founder/Owner of businesses with <25 employees and less than $5MM revenue.
  • Are responsible for vital business activities and vested with decision authority.
  • Have demonstrated drive and are committed to the growth of the business. 
  • Have at least five years of experience in managing others.  
  • Leaders, managers, and team members who empower others.  
  • Have special talents, abilities, or experience valuable to the chapter.
  • Are kind, of good reputation, and an enjoyable personality.
  • Value the perspective and accountability provided by peer collaboration.
  • They are highly aligned with the mission, vision, and purpose of the enterprise.
  • Embody the culture and values of the organization.
Is membership right for me?
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Catalyst Facilitator

Dr Kristen Truman-Allen

Founder and Chief Experience Officer at PULP Leadership Coaching
" I've combined my experiences as Health Care Administrator, Emergency nurse, Outward Bound expeditionary learning instructor and Organization Development professional into my coaching for executives and formal leaders in organizations. With a PhD in Human Development and a Master’s in Human and Organization Systems, I use metaphor and intuition in my coaching of organizations and individual leaders to help them have the energy to integrate what’s most important to them."
Learn More About Kristen

Find out if a Catalyst chapter is right for you.

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