These chapters are designed for the owners of stage II companies, generally between 5 and 25 employees and between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in gross revenues.

Made for Small Business Owners

Small business owners gain key professional skills faster in a collaborative group environment, resulting in enhanced business learning through different perspectives, diverse industries, and ongoing peer accountability. Share your experience with your peers and learn from their stories and expertise for you to grow your business faster.

The Structure of a Chapter

  • Monthly four-hour chapter meetings
  • Up to 12 members per chapter
  • 1 LoCo Facilitator  
  • Small group meetings between chapter meetings
  • Quarterly expert speakers
  • Opportunities to connect with other LoCo Think Tank members
Member attendance expected at 80% of meetings and members may be asked to resign if it falls below. New members are added if no conflict of interest and with the unanimous consent of existing members.
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Price: $399/month

No initiation fee and no long-term contract

full terms and expectations on application

How can I join?

We have a set process for new members and it all comes down to the chapter.
We believe the chapter owns the chapter

Connect with LoCo > Submit Application > Meet a Facilitator > Visit a Chapter > Get Accepted by The Group

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Are You a Thinker Candidate?

If 7 out of 10 apply to you, you qualify to apply for a Thinker Chapter!
  • Have a record of business growth
  • Value perspective & accountability from peer advisory
  • Business owner or decision authority
  • Have at least 5 years managing others
  • Are the founder or co-founder 
  • Have the time and financial means to participate 
  • Will work on their business, not only work in their business
  • Have 5 or more employees and ability to create sound financial reports
  • Are kind, of good reputation and character, and fun to be around
  • Have special talents, abilities, or experience sought by the group
Is membership right for me?
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Photo of Katie from Clean Bees

Katie with Clean Bees

I have been a member of Think Tank for 2 years and the monthly meeting and optional 121 coaching has been extremely useful! I love sitting in a room with local like minded movers and shakers:) Our businesses might be vastly different yet we face similar challenges. One month we might hone in on recruiting, on boarding, or compensation structures for our employees while the next month might focus on real estate purchases, acquiring a new business, or an exit strategy. The guest speakers cover a plethora of topics from conflict resolution, true self care and wellness, to cyber security and everything in between. The results of such a group are invaluable and I highly recommend joining!

Find out if a Thinkers chapter is right for you.

Connect with us to see if a LoCo chapter is the best fit for you.
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