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Allison Seabeck

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Allison Seabeck

Allison is the Executive Director of The Warehouse Business Accelerator in Loveland, Colorado. Previously, Allison was the President of Prosci Inc., a global training and consulting organization specializing in the discipline of change management. Allison led transformational growth strategies, process improvements and systems implementations, including expanded distribution channels through a robust global partner network. Allison led the team responsible for successful organization transitions through the founder's exit, two Private Equity transactions and two international add-on acquisitions. During her 5 year tenure, Prosci's top-line revenues and bottom-line profits tripled. Prosci was named to Forbes' ‘Top 20 Best Places To Work’ list. As an executive leader and business advisor, Allison focuses on building alignment and clarity of purpose with leadership teams, particularly during times of growth and change. Allison graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, the science and power of language and communication. Allison is passionate about business and leadership and we're excited to start a new chapter with her as the LoCo Facilitator!
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Designed to provide key leadership team members of larger regional businesses an opportunity to gain the benefits of peer advisory and develop a holistic approach to the business.

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The LoCo Experience Hosted By Curt Bear: Episode 41 - Allison Seabeck, Executive Director of the Warehouse Business Accelerator. Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify

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This episode explores her life and business journey. Allison Seabeck is a bit of an enigma - and a most enjoyable enigma to be around. She met her husband while both were teaching and editing English in Japan.

Allison started an entry-level position as a Training Associate with Prosci and 5 years later, she was the President! In 2019, Allison was recruited to be the Executive Director of the Warehouse Business Accelerator in Loveland.
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