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Brandon Avery

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Brandon Avery

Meet Brandon Avery, LoCo Facilitator of the Thinkers Too chapter in Fort Collins. Brandon is a partner in Colorado Insurance Advisors, which he joined in 2013, and helped grow the business from $200K gross revenues to $1.5MM gross revenue by 2019. IMA Financial Group purchased their Northern Colorado operations in 2019, and Brandon and partners retain offices in Buena Vista and Canyon City. He is also the owner/operator of a camper rental business called Nature Dens, and is an active investor in other community small businesses.

Prior to taking on this LoCo Facilitator role, Brandon was a long-term member of The Original Thinkers chapter of LoCo Think Tank, and resigned his membership after his primary emphasis changed upon becoming an employee at IMA Financial Group. Brandon has a Finance Degree from UNC where he played collegiate golf, which he continues to have a passion for and skill at, usually carrying a handicap below scratch!

Brandon’s journey took him through a successful period as an agency owner for Country Insurance, becoming a strong commercial insurance producer at BW (Bank of the West) Insurance Agency, and buying out the previous (and ready to retire) partners at Colorado Insurance advisors within 2 years of joining the firm. Brandon has always had a strong ability to hire and retain great people, and shares that LoCo Think Tank helped him learn how to ensure those great people were in the right seats! He and his partner have invested heavily into coaching and training for themselves and their teams, which he credits for the consistent and strong growth his business experienced.
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My Facilitator Strengths

Vision - It’s so important for the leader and the team to have a strong vision of where they want to take the business. This requires time for reflection and intentional communication. Thinktank provides space to not work “in” the business, but “on” the business which is where vision can take shape.

Authenticity - Being true to who you are will give your business the same “genuine” vibe. This will not only enhance the performance of the business, but will allow you to build something you’re proud of and create a feeling of congruence. Authenticity is one of my highest values and I feel it’s vital for a business to operate in this manner for the owners to feel content.

Relationships - Sales and business development for most industries relies upon relationship building, which is at the heart of success in any sales role. And, it’s at the heart of building a great team. Building trusting relationships between the leaders and the team, and among the members of the team, is something I’ve been able to help foster at most of the places I’ve worked.

No BS - You don’t do anyone any favors by avoiding the tough conversations, or telling them they’re doing a good job if they aren’t. People want to hear it like it is, and want to be able to tell it like it is, but it’s important your teams do this with kindness not malice or backstabbing.

About the Thinkers Chapter

Designed for the owners of smaller but high-potential businesses in our communities. Builders members will generally have five or fewer employees and less than $500,000 in gross revenues

 5 or fewer employees

 Revenue less than $500,000

 Dedicated to growing

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A Safe Place To Create Your Business Dreams

LoCo Think Tank brings together non-competitive business owners from different industries, to identify and explore solutions to business challenges. Each chapter is professionally facilitated by a successful business veteran.

Our facilitators are driven by the purpose and impact of the role and focused on maximizing the experience of members. The facilitator manages communications leading up to and following each meeting, maintains order during the meetings, and meets one-on-one, or in small groups, with members in between chapter meetings.
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