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Collaborate with Business Owners on Your Business
Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 | 11 - 1 PM
The In-Person Mini LoCo Think Tank Experience.
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You'll experience FREE, two-hour peer advisory to get outside perspective and accountability on how to grow your business with:

- 1 Business Veteran Facilitator
- up to 12 business owners
- 2 hours
- 4 step LoCo Collaborative Process
- 2 issues to process with the group from different businesses

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Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 | 11 - 1 PM
LoCo Think Tank Conference Room
500 E Vine Dr, Fort Collins CO, 80524

Limited to 12 Registrants
Lunch sponsored by Cheba Hut
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How the magic of peer advisory works:

Freethink Issue Processing

Set The Stage
One business owner shares background information on their business and current situation then poses one question to a group of peer business owners.
Clarify The Details
Other attending business owners ask clarifying questions back to the processing member to get a greater understanding on the issue at hand.
Serve Up Solutions
The other business owners now offer up solutions and suggestions to help solve the one question the first business owner asked.
Commit to Action
The first business owner chooses their top 3-5 ideas to implement. Most often, everyone can take home the strategies to help their business!
Examples of Issues Processed
- How do I launch a new product succesfully?
- Help with team issues, culture, hiring, firing or leadership
- How do I refine marketing to reach new customers and increase sales?
- What do I need to do to develop processes to streamline my business?
- Should I move into a new space? Is it time?
- What key things do I do to improve financials and clean up my books?
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LoCo Think Tank, LLC BBB Business Review
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