The LoCo HQ Team

Curt Bear

Curt’s professional experience has always supported business owners. His 15-year business banking career connected him to local businesses looking to scale through financial resources. During that time, he was a part of a high-priced peer-group where he quickly learned the value of having 10 others collectively think through one’s work problems. Ten brains have 10x more ideas than just one, right? He sought to bring this model to the business owners who needed it the most, small businesses, at an affordable price.

That’s when LoCo Think Tank was born, as Curt attempted to leave banking to pursue his food-business dreams. Later, as Curt processed whether and how to scale his mobile food operation, Bear’s Backyard Grill, the collective feedback helped him see that his passion was growing LoCo Think Tank. LoCo’s mission, then and now, is to uplift business owners to create the business and life they’ve always imagined through the power of collaboration. We currently serve over 100 business owners and have nine highly-skilled experienced business facilitators and are growing in new locations!
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Deb Pyles

Member Experience Coordinator
Debbie Pyles came on board in October of 2019 as our new Member Experience Coordinator. Deb has an extensive background in administrative, inside sales, and customer support. She has always been customer-focused and considers it to be her artistic expression. She strives to anticipate, meet and even exceed customer needs, wants and expectations. She will act as an advocate for her customers (in LoCo’s case, our members) and responds with a sense of urgency. Deb believes willingness, initiative, and work ethic is a talent and that there is a smart way to work hard. Passion, focus, intensity, curiosity and being fiercely loyal are all characteristics that have enabled her to achieve success. Deb fosters rescued dogs and considers camping and the mountains as her favorite vacation get-away.

Alma Arellano

Operations Manager
Alma joined the LoCo HQ team in March 2021, where she initially focused on digital tasks such as email marketing, social media management, podcast editing, and website maintenance. She has a background in UX design, graphic, and web design, as well as marketing. However, as her skills became apparent, her role evolved to align with her strengths in operations. In addition to her professional endeavors, she also dedicates her time as the Department Leader of Live & Video at her church, where she has made significant improvements to their live-streaming and training processes.

Alma firmly believes that knowledge is power and that real-life experiences surpass what can be learned solely from textbooks. 

Alma's TRIADS colors are Blue (organizer), Brown (integrator) & an Orange (achiever) center.
LoCo Think Tank, LLC BBB Business Review
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