Using AI is Like Film Directing

March 15, 2023

Alexandria Swanson, Founder of Bizop Media

Hear me out when I say using AI is like being a film director. I had this thought surface moments before tackling this article while chewing on the thought, "Does AI take away our ability to think? and are we teaching our kids that they no longer have to think?"

As a writer, I thought my husband was ludicrous when he first mentioned that he planned to develop an AI writing tool in early 2022. Coming from a digital marketing background focused on quality content and being "above the status quo" in terms of service offerings, I thought there was no way that AI could produce what we had spent thousands of hours honing in on in terms of skill. 

Was I right in thinking that it was a lazy man's tool that would produce subpar content? In some instances, sure. But like everything in life, there is so much unseen to a new concept than what meets the eye. I gained a new awareness once I started using AI tools for myself.

Chances are, you've likely heard that it could soon be taking people's jobs and making everyone lazy. As I close my Friday with another 60+ hour work week, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a part of me saying, "I wish!" 

When I first heard about AI, I was skeptical. What is it, really? Is it just a fancy buzzword for automation? But as I started using AI tools in my work, I realized its abilities are only limited by our imaginations. And that's when I thought about the role of a film director. 

Think about it - you have various elements to manage while directing a film. You have actors with their own personalities and motivations. You have sets and props that need to be arranged just so. And you have the camera crew capturing all of this on film.

Using AI is similar in that sense. It isn’t about mindlessly automating tasks - you're directing them more thoughtfully. You're telling the system what to do and how to do it, just like a director tells their actors where to stand and how to deliver their lines.

Like directing a film, using AI doesn't mean people are indolent or being replaced by machines. It means people can focus on higher-level tasks and use their human intelligence more effectively. It's like having an assistant overseeing the execution so you can focus on the big picture.

Using AI requires careful planning and consideration of all the moving parts. You must input the right data and parameters into the system to produce accurate results. And just as a director might make changes on set based on how scenes are playing out, users of AI must constantly monitor and adjust their approach as they analyze results.

From my own personal experience, now having my own AI writing assistant, Jaq n Jil, to help me fulfill client and internal marketing campaigns, I see that this tool has made my company more agile and lean while producing much better results. The opportunities are boundless for my company and likely yours too. 

Just remember, using AI requires creativity and innovative thinking. Just as directors push boundaries with new techniques or styles, so too can users of AI. With access to vast amounts of data and advanced analytics tools, there are endless opportunities for people across many industries who can use this technology in novel ways to benefit society at large. Be sure you put your big thinkers in these types of roles for optimal results!

In conclusion, is AI going to take away a person's ability to think? I think not! The AI wave will continue to bring in a new wave of thinking to the general population, something more refreshing and advanced. 

Will there be lazy people using the tools to "get their tasks complete"... sure. But if you really want to break ground in 2023, you'll be thinking a little more strategically than that. And that, my friends, is smart - not lazy! 

Proof that you can still use AI to write from a first-person narrative perspective while getting your points across? This article was written with the help of Jaq n Jil. I did this by prompting the AI with my thoughts and goals on this piece and then went through the results with a heavy editing lens. To give you a better idea of how much time was saved, this article took me 30 minutes from start to finish. Try for yourself for free here."

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