10 Business Problems Lurking in the Shadows

Wednesday, September 6th 9-10 AM MT
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Prevent the unknown from costing you money

You did your best to get the finance and accounting right for your business, but you are worried about what you might be missing. In this webinar we’ll shine a light on some of those lurking unknown issues that could be costing you money.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many business owners are unaware of certain financial risks in their profession. Presenter Geneve Huxley has seen a recurring pattern of these pitfalls and developed this training to cover 10 of these most common risks.
In this webinar you will learn:
-  Understand the differences between employees and contractors
-  Become aware of lesser-known tax liabilities that catch some business owners by surprise
-  Learn the areas you need to consciously prepare for, to ensure your business is protected from fraud and bad bookkeeping
Save your seat to the free webinar

About the Presenter

Geneve Huxley, CPA

Founder & CEO Huxley CPA Consulting, LLC
Licensed CPA for over 20 years
Geneve Huxley is the Founder and CEO of Huxley CPA Consulting, where she expertly identifies improvements in the financial strategies of her clients’ businesses. With more than 25 years of success in accounting and finance, Geneve serves many private companies as their fractional CFO and regularly serves as Adviser and Board Member to various organizations. Geneve has been named an honoree for BizWest’s Most Notable Women in Accounting.
Geneve brings extensive experience in strategic planning and organizational development to private companies focused on growth, streamlining operations, risk mitigation, and financial governance. Clients that have utilized her expertise to bring newfound clarity to their business numbers describe her as a “trustworthy guide” and “invaluable to their business” as they grow and expand.
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