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Share of Your Abundance

July 17, 2018

Ask of your needs and share of your abundance.  A philosophy of life in fewer than 10 words. Not THE philosophy of life mind you, but A philosophy of life that I’ve been pondering,  and the first value of LoCo Think Tank.

Ask of your needs…why is this so hard to do?  We see the signs around town and in major cities - hungry, they might say, or stranded, or anything helps.  And no doubt these signs are often true. But these folks are not asking for what they need which is often understanding, and to be loved – a walk alongside in life for a time, or someone who believes in them after they may have ceased to believe in themselves.  For many of us, we might not even know what we need, or we don’t acknowledge it. The bitter spouse, the anxious co-worker, the stressed-out new parent at church – humans struggle to ask for what they need. Because asking of our needs suggests weakness, weakness which is forbidden in the land of the strong individual.  I should point out also that needs are not the same thing as wants. I want a new car and a world tour, but I’ll have to work and save for them, and sacrifice other wants along the way. 

…and share of your abundance.  Note first that this is not either/or – Ask of Your Needs AND Share of Your Abundance.  This is a call for all of us to do both of these things. Share – different than forfeit, this is a free-will act of generosity.  Don’t take what you perceive as my abundance; I want to share if you have need. 

We understand why people struggle to ask of their needs, but why don’t more people share of their abundance?  Only a few have financial resources in abundance, but we all have something. Maybe it’s time? Business expertise?  Love? In our culture, and even in our theories of economics, scarcity is the dominant mentality. But if we look around, especially in this great nation, there is abundance all around.  And if you look at the bad things that people do, virtually all are done from the perspective of scarcity. So it is imperative that we all work to shift our mindset - be grateful for the good things we already do have and effort to see the pathway to even greater abundance ahead.  

This is what we encourage our members to do at LoCo Think Tank.  Ask of Your Need is something many business owners and other leaders struggle with - the role can be isolating if you let it.  LoCo stands for LOcal COmmunity, but it’s also “make you crazy if you don’t talk to someone about your business challenges.” So, we create a safe place for processing topics with other leaders who are facing or have faced similar challenges.  And we build a group with diversity; a financial expert, and a marketer, a culture builder, and an engineer, a talented salesperson and a visionary - ask this group of your needs. They’ll have perspective and experience that inform your decision and help provide clarity.  

And Share of Your Abundance - we make it clear when candidates are preparing to join - your member dues includes the special skill or talent you bring to the table every month.  Bring it, share it, and be blessed by the sharing. We don’t do it perfectly, but as relationships grow so does trust. Asking of your needs becomes less of a big deal, and sharing of your abundance is just something you do.  

-Curt Bear

Founder LoCo Think Tank

Quote - “If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” Mark Twain

Blog Disclaimer

Welcome to Curt’s Blog, the monthly lead-in article of our LoCo Perspective newsletter. Curt describes himself as a small-L libertarian, Christian, Rotarian, foodie, philosopher, and economist - and his blogs feature commentary relevant to business - especially challenging topics and current trends. Sometimes our subscribers send notes of encouragement about Curt’s courage, and others have canceled their subscriptions and tried to cancel Curt over the unacceptable thoughts he’s shared. Curt’s not famous though, so it don’t really matter, and Curt keeps thinking and writing, writing and thinking. The purpose of this blog is to share one person’s perspective and to open dialogue and encourage free exchange of thoughts and ideas. It goes without saying that the LoCo Think Tank team, facilitators, members, and community do not necessarily share his views - but this is a disclaimer and it feels like it wouldn’t be complete without that statement. If you’d like to connect with Curt directly, please email him at [email protected]
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